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ODAK presents at AK Patient Group & Research Meeting - Moorfields London UK

The ODAK project will present at Moorfields AK Patient Group & Research meeting to be held at Moorfields Eye Hospital on Thursday 22nd September 2016 from 5.30pm. Speakers include Prof John Dart, Dr Nicole Carnt and Dr Richie Head and workshop activities on patient perspectives of AK will be coordinated by Irenie Ekkeshis. 

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ODAK project attends ECRD 2016

The ODAK project presents a poster at the European Conference on Rare Diseases (ECRD) this year held in Edinburgh UK on 26th - 28th May 2016. The theme of the conference is Game Changers in Rare Diseases Delivering 21st Century healthcare to rare disease patients. 

ODAK Phase 3 clinical trials to start in 2016

The ODAK Phase III clinical trial is scheduled to start in mid 2016 in various eye hospitals in Europe. The Phase III trial will aim to show that PHMB is effective and safe for the treatment of Acanthamoeba Keratitis and will be conducted in patients. Information relating to this trial will be published on this website as soon as available.

ODAK Phase 1 Clinical trial underway

The first step in the clinical development of PHMB is a so-called phase I trial, in which three different concentrations of PHMB and placebo eye-drops are tested in healthy volunteers. The main purpose of this trial is to determine whether PHMB is safe, and what is the highest tolerable dose in healthy volunteers. This phase I trial, which started in September 2015, is held at three clinical centres in the Netherlands and Belgium, and aims to enrol 90 volunteers. The healthy volunteers are screened (to ensure that they meet all the criteria for the trial) and will use the study medication (PHMB or placebo eye drops) during two weeks. They will visit the clinical centre several times in order to check whether the eye drops have any effect on their eyes or on routine blood tests. The subjects will also be asked to report any possible side effects of the eye drops.

Once the phase I trial has been completed successfully, a larger phase III study in patients will follow. This trial, which will take place at various eye hospitals in Europe, starting sometime in 2016. The purpose of this trial will be to show that PHMB is effective and safe for the treatment of Acanthamoeba keratitis.

ODAK presents at ARVO 2015

Representatives from the ODAK project attended this year's ARVO conference in Denver USA and presented a poster on 'The efficacy of Polyhexanide (PHMB) eye drops against Acanthamoeba polyphaga investigated by an ATP-bioluminesence assay and a rat model of keratitis. The poster is available for download from the resouces section of the website in publications.