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ODAK Phase 3 clinical trial opens for recruitment

The ODAK project announces the start of the Phase 3 clinical study with the opening of the first of six trial sites across Europe. Moorfields Eye Hospital in London (UK) opened for recruitment on 8th August 2017. To read the full press release CLICK HERE.

ODAK PHASE III trial approved by MHRA

The ODAK project has received approval from the regulatory authority in the UK for the Phase III clinical trial. 

ODAK Phase 3 clinical trial Investigator meeting held in London

The ODAK project held the Phase 3 clinical trial Investigator meeting at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London on 17th and 18th March 2017. Investigators from trial sites in Poland, Italy and the UK, met with the ODAK project team and undertook trial preparation.

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ODAK presents at IRDiRC conference

Dr Ritchie Head presented the latest project results at the 3rd IRDiRC conference, held in Paris on February 8-9 2017. 

ODAK presents at AK Patient Group & Research Meeting - Moorfields London UK

The ODAK project will present at Moorfields AK Patient Group & Research meeting to be held at Moorfields Eye Hospital on Thursday 22nd September 2016 from 5.30pm. Speakers include Prof John Dart, Dr Nicole Carnt and Dr Richie Head and workshop activities on patient perspectives of AK will be coordinated by Irenie Ekkeshis. 

Click here for event details