Advice for Contact Lens wearers

Advice for Contact Lens wearers

In countries with a high prevalence of contact lens wearing (CLW) over 85% of AK cases occur in people using contact lenses, but AK can also occur after corneal trauma, particularly in rural environments. A survey found one Acanthamoeba keratitis per 30 000 hydrogel Contact Lens Wearers per year (or 0.33 per 10 000) in England, Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries practising similar contact lens fitting and hygiene. There are ten-fold differences in reported incidence ranging from 0.15 million in the United States to 1.4 per million in the UK. In the US an increase in soft contact lens use saw a parallel increase in AK cases and the prevalence of this disease is expected to increase with the wider adoption of contact lenses particularly in emerging economies where contact lens wearing is increasing as they become more affordable.

To avoid eye infections, contact lens wearers should follow lens wearing and cleaning instructions from both manufacturers and eye care providers very closely as many cases start from improper lens handling and poor hygiene. Proper contact lens care greatly reduces the risk of eye infections including Acanthamoeba Keratitis.


Seek advice immediately if your eye is red and painful.


Never bring your lenses into contact with tap water. Use

only prescribed solutions for cleaning, storing and rinsing.



Never wear your lenses when coming into contact with water including bathing, showering or swimming.