Rare disease and vision information links

Rare disease and vision information links

Vision and eye care    
Eye Smart Eye Health information from the American Academy of Opthalomogy www.geteyesmart.org
Eye Care America Eye diseases, conditions and treatment information.  www.eyecareamerica.org
Fight for sight Pioneering eye research based in the UK  www.fightforsight.org.uk
IAPB, International Agency for the prevention of blindness International Agency www.iapb.org
Rare Disease sites    
Alliance for Rare Diseases French based rare disease alliance www.alliance-maladies-rares.org
Eurordis Rare disease network Europe www.eurordis.eu
Groupama Health Foundation French based Rare Disease Foundation www.fondation-groupama.com
NORD National Organisation for Rare Diseases www.rarediseases.org
ORPHA Portal for rare diseases and orphan drugs www.orpha.net
Charitable organisations    
Vision 2020 UK based vision charity www.vision2020uk.org.uk
Your Eye Guide UK information resource dedicated to eyecare and vision


The Eyecare trust Uk based eyecare charity


Relevant publications    
L'OCULISTA ITALIANO The Italian Opthalmologist (publication)